​lil aaron

"She Told Me to Kill Myself"

[Chorus: Smrtdeath]
She told me to kill myself
Like I haven't been working on it
I don't think it's real, I am
Wishing that I was dead every morning
Now I'm 'bout to feel myself
I've been gassing it, let's be honest
Baby I'm a real one, wo-o-ow
Imma do whatever, I'm living nonsense

[Verse: Lil Aaron]
She told me to die like I don't already want to
I lay awake at night thinking about sh*t that I can't undo
As long as I'm alive, got some money Imma run through
I'm just here for the night
Shawty told me I should come through
But, I don't wanna talk, just want a shot
Throw some guap, and get some top
I'm feeling hot, to the top
I ain't gon' stop, don't f*ck with shawty she a not
I bet she gets that a lot
I bеt she gets that a lot

[Bridge: Smrtdeath & Lil Aaron]
Yeah, and I'm doing alright without you
I'm finе without you
Yeah, and b*tch Imma shine without you
And die without you
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