[Verse 1]
Damn, I should of listened to my intuition
Maybe then I wouldn't be in this position
Back against the wall, made a split decision
Do I stay? Do I go? Don't do intermissions
Take a swig just to loosen up my inhibitions
When you livin' life fast, end up in collisions
I told you what I was about, but you didn't listen
We don't see eye to eye, we got different vision
Baby, you can't have my heart, but you can lease it
I'ma need it back right after cuffin' season
All I ever needed was a reason
To go off on the deep end, the deep end, the deep end

Oh, no, not again
Girl, let's not pretend
We knew how this would end
Fallin' out once again, again, again, woah
Isn't love a b*tch?

[Verse 2]
Damn, I should of listened to my intuition
I've been ignoring all the signs like I hate petitions
I'm sick of going back and forth, all this repetition
I just want the kind of love that's not conditioned
I just wanna pull up with my baby in the drop-top
Lookin' like a vending machine, a couple snacks
I just wanna lay you down and break you off like Kit Kat
Put my seed on your buns like a f*ckin' Big Mac, woah
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