She came and left with the wind
She couldn’t handle my sins
Got too much blood on my—
Got too much blood on my hands
Trust me girl I understand
I don’t take offense
This is the life that I chose
These are the dice that I rolled
I keep on chasing these—
I keep on chasing these ghosts
Where I’ll end up no one knows
Let’s see how this goes

Chop it up, Chop it up
Chop-Chop, Chop it up (Aye)
Time is up
Laughing at the fact you think you stopping us
Ain’t no one stopping us
I keep unlocking new flows
Gotta start blocking these hoes
Can’t let them get to my—
Can’t let thеm get to my soul
Already know how this goes
Lеt’s watch it unfold
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