"CoryxKenshin Rap For 13 Minutes"

Listen up, Baldi (lol)
It's just me and you
Running down the halls
Boy, can't you get the clue
I don't like you (I don't like you)
You don't like me (you don't like me)
Head built like a dirty Q-tip, please
My name is CoryxKenshin (yah)
I'm acing all these villains (yah)
Take a look at the scoreboard
Now who's winning
I. Am. The Greatest. Ankle. Breaker
Imma end this rap now
Okay, see you later

You step to me, get a hadouken
Hit you with a ras like we in Shippuden
Katana to the neck just call me Mugen
Like Daniel's son, boy, what is you doing?
Slow it down, take a breath
Aye, girl, I like your left
Cheek that is, on your butt
Let's take it slow, show your boy some love
Yeah, uh, CoryxKenshin is the name
CoryxKenshin is a fame
CoryxKenshin is the man
Oh, you tryna step to me?
Boy, you a freaking lame
I don't even got a dame
All I do is play the game

This freakin' beat though!
Samurai brotha, is about to go in, yeah

Cause my name is Cory-
Kenshin, sucka step back, relax
Get slapped, go take a freakin' nap (bars)
The Ankle Breaker
Slaying evil-doers since I was watching Leonardo and them chill in the sewers
You don't wanna mess with the Legend (because)
I am Legend

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