"What Now (Outro) (Remastered)"

[Intro: AyeNeon]
Uh, oh, uh, woah

[Verse: AyeNeon]
This is what I call sinister, bitterer than the Prime Minister on the corner of the cover of Born Sinner
While your talent was never good enough to be a winner of the greatness of a mind of a Mac Miller
Ciller, will there be a killer of a crack dealer overdosin' on pain killers
Soon, there's gonna be another Hitler, 'cause the time, history repeats itself, then it puts itself back on the bookshelf

[Interlude: CoryxKenshin]
Our days are dark sometimes
Sometimes we have really dark days, trust me, I've been through some dark days, but
I've been through some pretty, pretty, well-lit and light days, and, you know, it, it just makes going through the dark days worth it
And I can assure you that there aren't only dark days that wait ahead for you
There, that's just not how it works
So that's all I had to say tonight, it's, it's 12:40
Like I said, I don't know why
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