A Boogie wit da Hoodie


[Chorus: lil Tr33zy]
Wolf, wolf, wolf
Wait a minute, lil' b*tch
Wolf, wolf, wolf
Let me tell you how it is
Wolf, wolf, wolf
Sydney to Highbridge
Wolf, wolf, wolf

[Verse 1: lil Tr33y]
Bought a Mercedes, lavishly bodied
Red interior, I look like a star in it
Eyes everywhere, no Illuminati
I got it bustin, boomin' in the party
I got it bustin', boomin' in the trap
I got it bustin', boomin' where I'm at
I got it bustin', boomin', got the city movin'
I had to tell 'em, "Move it to the back"
I want it all, I want the bag
I am a boss, I got a plan
I don't do love, I just do cash
I'm in the whip, 180 on the dash
Now that I'm up, I'm goin' bad
I do it all, I don't do cap
I just do rap, simple as that
I gotta boss up, you b*tches is mad
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