A Boogie wit da Hoodie

"Bad Vibe"

[Intro: Quando Rondo]
Mm-hm (Yeah)

[Chorus: Quando Rondo]
Bougie bad vibe from the East Coast (East Coast)
She told me that she loved me, I don't think so
Move your lil' body, wanna beat slow (Beat slow)
And every time I hit it, I go beast mode

[Post-Chorus: Quando Rondo]
f*ck your baby daddy, he a zero (Zero)
I got your boyfriend mad, I took his main ho (Main ho)
Water drippin' on me like a sink, though (Sink, though)
Shawty so bad, I can't leave her, no

[Verse 1: Quando Rondo]
New phrases, she gon' f*ck me 'cause my lingo
Five bands on the brand new Gucci raincoat
Poppin' Xans, I forgot I was really bored
I jus' got a new coupe and I might paint it mango, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
They can't name a place that I can't go
Baby, you're my pot of gold, end of the rainbow (Ayy, ayy)
When I hit it from the back, I go beast mode
Get so much that I take off my hat, you my main ho (Main ho)
Whole lotta options but it's not the same
And they will never notice how far we came
You're the only one keep my demons tame
I swear you grow up, but you never change
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