A Boogie wit da Hoodie

"DTB 4 Life"

(It's JoeFromYO)

Yeah, thinkin' 'bout you, I catch chills, my n*gga
sh*t ain't been the same since they killed my n*gga
Broski doin' time, it get real, my n*gga
I just hope you hold it down, just don't squeal, my... yeah

I'm DTB for life, no, I can't trust my b*tches
I can't even trust my girl 'cause I'm a f*cked up n*gga, yeah
And if you say you trust me, girl, you lied
'Cause I can't even trust myself, I don't know why you waste time in your feelings, yeah

[Verse 1]
I'm DTB forever, on God, I don't trust b*tches
I don't even trust my girl, I still try to f*ck her friends and sh*t
That n*gga's movin' while gettin' live
I don't even wanna talk to nobody, I got a feelin' the feds listenin'
She told me I'm not myself no more
And I swear I know exactly who I am

Girl, just love me for the differences
She told me she don't want me around
How could you feel that way, baby?
Especially after all this time with you
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