A Boogie wit da Hoodie

"Blood on My Denim"

(It's JoeFromYo)

[Verse 1]
I thought every girl I had was the one, (Uh, huh) but she was not it
Ninety nine percent of b*tches be thottin' (Thottin')
If I do the same thing, you'll say I'm not sh*t (Not sh*t)

I could do the same thing, you'll leave me cryin' (Cryin')
She got a little deeper through the process (Process)
Still addicted to the streets, can't hide it (Hide it)
Walkin' 'round with two Glizzys in my pocket
Already c*cked it, flip a n*gga like a socket (Socket)
n*gga, way before the fame we was wildin'
Then they killed my n*gga Quado in the projects (Projects)
And it's a shame, all the b*tches that was curvin'
I see the same damn names in my comments (Comments)

She was lookin' O.D. from a side eye
Said she ain't an eater, oh she lied, oh she lied-lied
Woke up to three b*tches in my bed
Made me say it three times, "Oh you fine, oh you fine-fine"
I ain't rockin' with no ho n*ggas or a bozo
That's a no-no, n*gga nah, nah
I know they love my fly
The way I rock Dolce and Gabanna
I lost my n*ggas to the streets when it coulda been me
It's f*cked up, they either dead or doin' fed time
Boy, you all about your bread, so am I
If it's money on your mind, .45 to your hairline
And I keep it by the dresser
That's for any b*tch who ever try to break my heart, I won't let ya
Still got blood on my denims
That was all the blood that was in him, no more love in a n*gga
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