A Boogie wit da Hoodie


[Intro A Boogie wit da Hoodie]
June on the beat, hmm
Sheesh (It's JoeFromYO)
Ooh (DLo on the beat)

[Chorus: A Boogie wit da Hoodie & Trap Manny]
Sheesh (Sheesh)
I'm too elite (I'm too elite)
I got the shotty, right under the fleece (Right under the fleece)
Choppa go na-na (Na-na)
Trap Manny like sheesh (Sheesh)
And he got the thirty right under the briefs (Right under the)
I am a dog (I am a dog)
I need a leash (I need a)
Yeah, credit card frauds, yeah, yeah, I was a thief (Sheesh)
She wanna f*ck, yeah, yeah and I am a freak (Yeah)
I take off my hoodie and put it in deep
Trap Manny (Sheesh)

[Verse: Trap Manny]
All of my diamonds VV's (Ooh yeah)
I like my b*tches in threes (Ooh yeah, in threes)
I send up my shoes to [?] (Dior)
Dozen diamonds, dozen [?]
Keep a b*tch on her knees like a priest
I f*ck a b*tch and give her a receipt
Me and Boogie on a track to [?]
She call me Trap Manny, when we in the streets (When we in the streets, yeah, yeah)
But she call me daddy (She call me daddy), when we in the sheets (When we in the sheets, yeah, yeah)
Everytime we meet, she get them drugs on (Drugs on)
It's so good, wish I could take her tongue home (Yeah)
She be treatin' my di*k like a trombone (Ooh)
Had me singin' like "Ayy, na-na, na-na" (Na-na, na-na, yeah, yeah)
I be up with the Addys I don't ever sleep (Nah)
I'm ridin' shotty with this shawty me and Boogie in LA wanna crip
I catch a opp and listen homie, we gon' leave his body dead in the street (Brr)
Yeah the choppa sing like na-na, na-na
Pull a Phantom, foreign like sheesh (Sheesh, skrr)
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