Young L3x

"Woke Up Today"

[Intro: Siera]
Cus I woke up today
Like this is gon be the last day we struggle
Today I’ll be back on my hustle
If you’re in my way you’re in trouble
Cus I woke up today

[Verse: Young L3X]
Pain and pleasure trynna balance out the highs and lows
Wanting better losses turned me to an animal
Angel numbers guiding me along this crazy road
I’m digging deep cus what I want is made of gold
I’m being bold, I’m dreaming big and I’m reaching things
In a world that thought me more than my teachers did
In a world that can get colder than a freezer lid
I’m focused on me, don’t care what them people did, yea
I’ma leader I got this, I would lead you to the top
They would leave you in a ditch
So follow my lead, we can procced
Keep it real til you die, I learned that from my OG’s
No more cold feet or moving slowly
I’m after trophies, the journeys lonely
But I woke up today
So what I’m gon do?
Am I gon quit or make my dreams come true?
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