"*storm & the calm"

Uh, uh

Your bars silly like a pie
Pull up, leave your whole city in the [?]
You need to slow sugar, it's a sign
It's MIKE harder than a booger when it dries
I came to show n*ggas a surprise
Alike, but I know the difference is the time
A simple [?], out of line
I find a little growth in letting sh*t align
Get a better grip then let this sh*t divide
I know better than to settle for a bribe
Money really meddle with your mind
That b*tch, how I love her, would've died
Play it smart, that's why I peddle with the fly
Play your part instead of what you not
Scars change, [?] block
I spark strong up like a kettle when it's hot
Pressure make you rock
My heart rain, I'm a messenger of moms
Storm and the calm

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