"​love supremacy"

Ugh, yeah

Through the bubble wrap, it's bustin' out the bubble jacket
Don't fall in love with pack 'cause comin' back become a habit
I need somethin' fast, somethin' that'll cut the traffic
I know nothin' lasts, prayin' that don't bust the sadness
Keepin' something stashed 'cause I peep the love erratic
I let it come to pass, let me on my lust for passion
Crush another glass, belly gettin' struck with matches
What a ugly past, help me stay above the madness
Watch my brother's back, the enemy ain't come to stab him
I took another slash, lookin' for my mother's casket
For it to come to that, vision when to come for lackin'
I got my mother's laugh, grinnin' through a bunch of bad sh*t
Only want the facts, scary, gon' confront with gas in
Need the funds elastic, but never front and act
I must've flunked the castin', can never trust the mask
The villainy in us is massive
, so we f*cked the stash
Know history enough to tap in, ugh
We know enough to tap in

So you have a condition to [?]
Which is [?] world in which you are born
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