"More Gifts"

You there? You okay?
Yeah, but those flames
It's so hot, I'm scared

[Verse: MIKE]
Curses and sh*t
More gifts than there's curses and sh*t
I'm fineprint, you n*ggas really cursive as sh*t
I tried to scribe it, don't really think the words do exist
I tried to find it, it's peak 'cause the search is within
Was by Vernon, I used to go to church and then dip
To get a verse in, I got to get to hurtin' a bit
The skimpy burned quick, at times when gettin' herb was a trip
But now the work in, we all gettin' personal spliff
When it's a burden, it's worse tryna hurdle a bit
I slept through sermons, dreamin' how to work through a stint
I'm never learnin', I mean I never purposely did
Forever turnin', at least we know that certainty clipped
To each his own, we earn what we get
We keep determined, we bleed alone through virtue and stress
To be assertive, can seem to hold a purse through the strength
To be of service, a leecher in your circle again, uh

[Outro: MIKE]
More gifts than it's curses and sh*t, sh*t
It's more gifts

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