"​da screets"

[Verse 1: Jadasea]
I'm in ends, no end to it
It got around, came back
We went through it
Same sh*t, different day
Nothing new to it
Used to be used to it
Loose screw, nothing left to do
Then it's lost and there was nothing I could do
Nothing more to prove
Something's got to move
Some things never do
Something that I guess
Feel like I'm waiting on the move
Then how you gon' be ready and you never knew it's true
Nothing's what it seems
I can only trust a few
Read between the lines
I ain't lying it's the
Denying how you find it
I ain't relying on these roots
But underneath the surface where you find a [?] move
I know ain't nothing perfect, it's the purpose of these fruits
[?] I can't move
My head was spinning permanently, I need a better view
Of all the things we came from
All the things that's left to do

[Verse 2: MIKE]
I wish the news was fruitful and [?] so it's something we can move to
Didn't finish school so smoke [?]
Wouldn't be the truth
The cash I had to keep was frugal
Need a sweeter juice, the glass was full

Just calling to check up on you
Just wanted to let you know that I love you so much
And I pray that God continues to protect you, strengthen you, guide you, keep you
You will live a long and successful life
[?] I just wanted to let you know how much I love you
And that you mean the world to me
I can't wait to see you
I'll definitely be seeing you soon

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