Graa Graa lyrics



Whoever want smoke
5 G's in a ghost
It's lookin like wifi
I keep a lil Haitian these n*ggas hatin
Say it like sak pa
I'm coming with base
Put one in the air
They know that I pop fly
Just running these plays
I'm not from the H but I need it chop chop
Back street with the gang that choppa don't sang
Tell yo baby bye bye
What more can I say b*tch I'm still the wave
You n*ggas gone wipe out
You all in the way that la Macarena have yo ass cha cha
Some sh*t never change
Still sipping that paint don't f*ck with no vodka
Beef on yo mind Lady Gaga
Hop out that b*tch and go graa graa
Keep a lil shottah like wa gwan
All in yo window lil pop lock
Promethazine ain't no matcha
These n*ggas op get a autopsy
Beat that sh*t I think I'm Arza
Come with that smoke like it's za za
Say yo goodbye n*gga ta ta
I keep it melo likе Lala
Ain't talking money no habla
Wet up yo sh*t this the car wash
Hit for that notе like a opera
Black but I'm whippin that blanca
Shots in this b*tch like it's Gaza
Ain't gon here nothing but graa graa
Chain on me fresh out the agua
Yo b*tch call me Ja Ja
Tre k for the song
Don't come at me wrong or make em say ah ah
That b*tch ain't f*cking then blah blah
I call a lil thot thot
That chicken strip for the Popeyes
I am the sauce and the pasta
Stay in that box like I'm Paquio
Pull up all black not a swat car
It's why I still mob on the south side
I need that chip like a salsa
n*ggas still trapping in casa
Only the fam and la rasa
Diamonds on me not the plata
My sh*t go up like it's nasa
Came with that laser chewbacca
Flame on looking like Flocka
I'm killing these hoes
I'm bout to put suicide doors on the Tesla
These n*ggas ain't mob
These n*ggas all fraud I swear they imposter
That fish on the scale that sh*t lookin stale
I'm cookin with basa
b*tch on my hip that's a graa graa
Broke n*ggas still on the sideline
I just put purp in a Shasta
Yo b*tch sweat me like a locker
Gun in yo face now you c*ck eyed
I'm still the sh*t like a toddler
Luis don't f*ck wit no Zara
Always ride round with that choppa
My n*gga crooked like swastika

Graa graa
Gotta keep it silent keep one on the body
You know that he solid
Graa graa
Young n*gga wildin but don't talk about it
You know that he solid
Graa graa
Gotta keep it poppin
Take one any problem
You know that he solid
Graa graa
Young n*gga wildin but still out chere mobbin
You know that he solid
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