Sounds Good Feels Good [Liner Notes] lyrics


5 Seconds of Summer

Making this album has been more than just making music. Everyone in this band has come from a different walk of life and we are lucky enough to have found each other and amazing fans to support what we do...

Making this album was an incredible journey, we made songs that we invested our whole heart and soul into... Every beat, every chord, every note. We made this album with some of our closest friends and our brothers, we made this album together and we are so proud of it...

This album is for you to listen love and feel. This album can be an escape for you!

Last but not least to the fans of our band. We never would've dreamt that any of this wild and crazy ride that is 5 Seconds of Summer ever would've happened when this began in 2011, back in Sydney, Australia... You've stuck by us, you've grown with us, and you push us to be a better band every single day.
We can't wait for the future and what it holds for us all.

And one more thing... Welcome to the New Broken Scene.

With special thanks to: Steve Barnett, Nick Raphael, Jo Charrington and all at Capitol Records / Universal Music International. John Feldmann. Joel and Benji Madden. Mike Green and all who were involved in making this album with us.
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