"Tide Pen"

[Intro: Jack Harlow]
Earl on the Beat (Earl on the Beat, Earl on the Beat)

[Chorus: Jack Harlow]
I said, "Slide," and she slid through with a sidekick
All-white, sippin' red wine with a Tide pen
Crossed up, Pike's Peak, yeah, I'm on some high sh*t
Ass fat, got a young muhf*cka quite stiff
Uh, thirty-five over and they took the license
Late night FaceTime, I adjust brightness
b*tches talk a lot to me, I just tell 'em type sh*t
When she get done talkin', let me feel that vice grip

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow & Smokepurpp]
Vice Pres', how I'm movin' like I'm Joseph Biden
By the time when they sleep, hit them with the Nitrous
Night time come alive, like I hit a light switch
And I'm loyal to 'em all, I ain't got a side chick (Lil Purpp!)
I ain't got no side chick
She know how to ride di*k
And I like the way it feel (Uh!)
Everytime she ride di*k, thats f*cking righteous, yeah (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Smokepurpp]
Yeah, lil baby righteous
Got a whole room of holes, I ain't talkin' bitin'
I was hittin' from the back when her mama walked in
Pockets obese, diabetes type ten
Me and Jack, mob ties, holding down our ends
Told her pull up, ended f*ckin' her friends
Gave me so much brain, b*tch came with a pen (Yeah)
So much brain I'm nutting SAT questions

Five thousand dollar jeans for a b*tch to sit on 'em
Me and you are not the same, to me you're an antonym
If I spin the block one time, I'ma probably spin again
Told the b*tch I want that sloppy, lil' hoe spit again
I am not a TikToker, boy, I really slang sh*t
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