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[Lil Pump]
...b*tch (b*tch)
I'm in the [?] cookin' with my toes out (Yeah)
If this b*tch [?] my b*tch she's gettin' choked out (Pow)
[?] and I'mma go kick her out raw...
...(What? Pow)
I hit her (Huh?)
He pulled out a gun but I shot first (Boom)
The last n*gga tryin' me I made him eat dirt
I hit her for an hour, couldn't nut on 3 Perc's

I made a b*tch suck my di*k 'til she suffocate (Suffocate)
If a b*tch use her teeth she get to capitate (b*tch)
Spend the [?] ([?])
[?] (Chyeah)
And my Glock like a [?], di*k hangin' out (Brr)
I'm changin' [?] then I clear it out (Yeah)
All the [?] like a secret, I'mma put 'em out (Yeah)
[?] in this b*tch and I'mma bring 'em out (Hmm)

[Lil Pump]
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