Lucky Daye

"All About You"

[Intro: Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye]
That's really all I'm turnin' like
I'm on your vocal like, "Alright right here, alright right here"

[Verse 1: Leon Bridges]
I met you in Atlanta
Sweet like purple Fanta
You know I'm a fan of you, baby

[Pre-Chorus: Leon Bridges]
But you like (Girl)
Messin' with my pride
Oh yeah

[Chorus: Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye]
It's all about you
It ain't about me (Oh no)
I got feelings too (Yeah, yeah)
That you clearly can't see (Goin' crazy for a minute, hmm)

[Verse 2: Lucky Daye]
I met her in New Orleans
Instantly you got me fallin'
And you know I'd do a crime for you, baby
Oh woah, oh
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