Trinidad Cardona


[Verse 1]
First thing's first
I ain't [?] my n*ggas to go and turn on me
Yeah, they all tryin' they best and they had to learn on me
When I woke up that mornin', I felt the tears comin', hmm, oh
I was sixteen years
Sixteen years with fears
Followin' my peers
I don't know who's real
Had to get up at the store, we always bullsh*t
Got the settin', now we buzzed, but we cold with it
I think I got about forty left, gon' roll with it
I had my people's back all the time
Gave the best of mine, but they crossed the line
Look around, would you go tonight?
Tell me what [?] facing lies
I ain't 'bout to sit here beggin' for love, n*gga, you paid for it

(Watch me walk)
Ain't nobody out here lookin' for love, so I'ma roll
(Watch me walk)
I ain't got no squad no more, no more
(Watch me walk)
Watch me walk, watch me walk, ooh
(Watch me walk)
Watch me walk, uh
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