Goat Farm lyrics



[Intro: Cyndi Lauper and WhyG]
I come home in the morning light
My mother says, "When you gonna live your life right?" (Ayy)
Oh momma dear, we're not the fortunate ones
(She just with you for your money, not gonna last long)
And girls, they wanna have fun (Just wanna have fun, ayy)

[Verse 1: WhyG]
Girls just wanna have fun (Freaks)
She just with you for your money, lil' boy, ain't gonna last long (Dummy)
Every time I flipped something, then I had a mask on (Facts)
Gang sh*t, all my n*ggas on it like Decepticons (No cap)
But I got a big gun, like it's from Megatron (Lah, lah)
And the opps like the floor, how they get stepped on (Stepped on)
And my shooter giving deals, I got a coupon (Coupon)
Piguet got a blue face with a octagon (AP)
Don't shine a light on my chain, it look like crayons (Dancing)
I swear the gang more icier than Yukon (Icy)
We putting cheese on the beef just like parmesan (Lah)
I got Muslims still sliding on Ramadan (Demons)
I ain't gon' buy no b*tch a bag, probably hair salon (No)
Army green, M16, call it leprechaun (Grrrt)
[?] said "Cuban on my left, Bundog's a [?]" (Bussdown)
Northside of Jane look like a goat farm (Goat Farm)
He got smoked, choppers ringing like a fire alarm (Smoke)
Headshot, point blank, range, we can't shoot from far (Nah)
Put him in the stars (Stars), deadmihana, put him in a jar (Jar)
Freaky b*tch f*ck me like pornstars (Pornstar)
I'm in her mouth just like caviar (Caviar)
I put my babies in her mouth, she like a kidnapper (Wassa)
And he saying that they slimey, just a good actor (Denzel)
Can't send him to no doctor, send him to the pastor (Lah)
[Verse 2: Burna Bandz]
Knock him out his shoes, we gon' put him on TV (On the box)
Drill him on a camera, now we got it on repeat (Yeah)
All this water on me, got me looking like Fiji (Fiji)
I got killers in the [?] (Gang)
[?], I ain't see sh*t like Stevie (Nah)
.30 on me, so I ain't never wiped (Yeah)
Blue face, back out, I'm was off three percs (Yeah)
I ain't falling in love, b*tch, I'm just tryna have fun (Have fun)
Dirty the stick, then went and bought a new gun
Free [?], they got cronem on the run
Told my young n*gga don't come back 'til it's done (Nah)
Lil' n*gga he from a block I ain't heard of (I ain't heard of it)
He diss the gang, then pull up and serve him (Serve him)
I mixed the Jay Jay and OK with [?] (Dead opps)
Walk on your block and we creep like a pervert
Bro, b*tch ain't on sh*t, yeah, I had to curve her
See that Lando got no further
He in the trap house, but he just a worker
All we know is trap and murder (Trap and murder)
Flippin' these bricks then we go buy some burners
I got load on me, he know I'm a earner
Say it with your chest, don't murmur (Yeah)
He feeling froggy like Kermit (Kermit)
He know we kill sh*t like Herbert (Like Herbert)
[Outro: Cyndi Lauper]
The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells, "What you gonna do with your life?"
Oh daddy dear, you know you're still number one
But girls, they wanna have fun
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