070 Shake

"Gucci Like Days"

I be repping gucci
I'll be whipping the rarri
Google panel I got
I ain't too far yeah
I be flexing with my bars
My tracks are always fire
Unlike people who just wanna take me down yeah

Paid to win [clap] come at me
It ain't fair
I make my career on my own
Bruh don't dare
I built from the bottom on entirely my own
No promotes I blew up with my songs

I just wanna build a career
Not an entire palace
I wouldn't mind still getting that package
I repeated that it would be my flex age
After my charts
You wanna be your text age
I just wanna be the top gunner
I just wanna make you top runner
I be wanting all the fame and plaques
Man trust me a lot it takes
I used to get hate all in face
Now all I livin in gucci like days
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