070 Shake

we wait for everyone to leave
then we say what we've been longing to say
since we have some time
some things been on my mind
I feel like you've been hiding something maybe
It's okay, you're trying something baby
But I know you still lying to me baby (baby)
Since I see your eyes, I see right through you baby (hey)

we'll go back and forth
I'm off this train
You know I'm done
It'll never be the same
You're back for good
But you're not in my place
You know how it goes
You don't always win the race
You know I'm ready to step on that biggest date, yeah
Never been on a cruise or a [?]
Remember I was young, wasn't worried bout you
Then we were outside, everything was alright

baby baby baby
I know I couldn't show you on a tv screen
How my life has gone when it's you and me
That's my favorite scene, I play it on repeat
You're my movie star
you're already so far
Girl you feel so far
feel so far
Found me somebody who could love me better
[?] on our favorite sweater
uh uh uh (yeah)
My latest distraction
We've both been distracted
She looked at me sweet
I slept in between
I slept in between
I slept in between
I love you so much that I'll sleep in between
I'll sleep in between, I love you so much
and I know what it means
I know what it means

It gon get's tough
imma keep on goin
You don't always [?]
I'll never ever show it
close enough [?] two face glow
[?] and nobody different than her
Holding me onto her different [?]

Hold it for me baby
Hold it for me before I say bye
yeah, let's go
keep it goin tho
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
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