[Verse 1: ℒund]
Love is like a twister
And girl you got me shook up
I know I shouldn’t miss you
When your the one that f*cked up
But thats just a heartbreak
Pulling on my heartstrings
Girl you make my heartache
I'm used to all this pain now
Head full of voices
I'm going insane now
There's nothing you can change now
They gon' find me hanging
You're the one to blame now

[Verse 2: Forest]
I’ve seen you before
Outside that door
What you staring for
Girl I know you want more
Wanna see my room
I could give you a tour
And if it gets cold
I could light a fire
That could keep you warm
Feeling so torn
Feelings hit me like storm
Deja vu, oh my lord

[Outro: Forest & ℒund]
All The Time
You Ruin My Mind
All I Want
Is to be with you
That’s all I Want

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