Big Boogie

"Mental healing live performance"

Mmmm Mmmm
Oooh, yeah, oooh

All this fake love, I ain't with it
Don't lead a n*gga on, if you really don't feel it
Tired of these fake ass n*ggas, wanna shake a n*gga hand if it's up then n*gga we can get it
Tired of this fake ass love I be gettin'
Tired of these hatin' ass clubs I be hittin'
They don't wanna give a n*gga credit I've been given
I be cryin' to myself, they don't know what I be feelin'
When I fall back, they gon' think a n*gga trippin'
When a n*gga mad, they gon' think a n*gga flippin'
I don't mean no harm, I just gotta keep my distance
I'll vent to my daughter, she the only one to listen
I don't trust n*ggas, they'll kill you on a mission
Yeah, I talk to God, wonder do he think I'm trippin'
Everybody changed, they ain't hugged in a minute
Brothers locked up, they ain't thugged in a minute
Insides black they ain't love in a minute
Brother died on a n*gga, smoking wood like a chimney
Pain in my eyes, n*gga seeing bloody vision
I don't fit these n*ggas, they was too gangsta to listen
Proud of myself, I'ma be on the television
Redrum for life so I'm stuck with that decision
Free LD that n*gga fighting in that prison
The words out the mouth, he gon' die in that prison
Yeah life real, at night times I cried
I'm lookin' at my n*ggas like "Why we gotta die?"
Ain't it's f*cked up, we gotta live just to die?
"Life goes on" man that bullsh*t a lie
But it is what it is, cause I'm thuggin til I die
"Redrum broke in the Bay" that's a lie
They gon' rob who? Slide work, they can try
Choppa gon' feed a n*gga leg and a thigh
Damn, I done made it out the Bay, can't believe that
n*ggas fighting over hoes, I done seen that
My old n*gga is the opps can you feel that?
n*gga dissin' Big Boogie, I ain't seen yet
It's some snake ass n*ggas we can kill yet
We got brand new bananas we ain't peel yet
I gotta future head of me that I ain't live yet
c*cky ass rappers, n*gga sh*t ain't hit a mil yet
When you broke don't nobody wanna f*ck wit ya
When you got it everybody say they stuck wit ya
If you blind you get buried in the dust quicker
You my brother f*ck them, it's just us n*gga
Redrum then the people that I trust n*gga
Ain't no second guessing sh*t, it's in my gut n*gga
If it's pressure on the pipes, it a bust n*gga
Damn right my temper bad, I'ma bust n*gga
Yeah them n*ggas shinning hard they ain't us n*gga
Yeah them n*ggas got cars they ain't us n*gga
Yeah them n*ggas got guns they ain't bust n*gga
All my n*ggas got kids, bet not f*ck wit em
Redrum pitbulls, no mutts n*gga
n*ggas changing on they n*ggas, what the f*ck n*gga
n*ggas showing off guns just to take pictures
How you take it from a n*gga and he ate wit ya?
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