Mike Posner

"Sage Wisdom from Steven Tyler"

Rensop Ekim, that's Michael Posner backwards.
I just, I’m one of those guys.
Mine is Nevets Ocirallat.
Fathom that one.
Anyway, Michael
I just read your f*cking list of who can run with you
And what they should think about and you're brilliant.
Will you be my guru when you get back?
I will rub your feet with oil.
I will anoint your feet after, hahaha, with all the blisters you're gonna have.
I love you, bro. Um, I love you so much.
I’m gonna be following your ass and you'll be halfway across America.
And, uh, I'll be following you, man. I'll follow you, and...
I love you so much, bye bye.

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