"Dwarves vs Leprechauns"

[Verse 1: Dwarves]
We dig all day and drink all night
We never back down from a fight
Don't be downwind if you are smart
We’re Dwarven men who love to fart

[Verse 2: Leprechauns]
Hey now ya boys don't me laff
You call that beer?
It makes me baff
That p*ss-thin stuff tastes worse than sh*te
We're leprechauns, we drink it right

[Verse 3: Dwarves]
Go back to stealing old mens shoes
You probably put them in your booze
Your gold doesn’t even fill a pot
You dress like you've been covered in snot

[Verse 4: Leprechauns]
Your talk is big but you're just fat
You smell worse than a sewer rat
Your songs are crap and the words are worse
So Diggy Dig up a better verse

[Verse 5: Dwarves]
Your lucky charms are just knick-knacks
That's a beard?
There's more hair on my sack!
Now ride your rainbow out this place
Before I hit you in the face

[Verse 6: Leprechauns]
Your brains are thick and your hair is sparse
I'll shove that axe right up your arse
Now shut your mouth you sound a fool
Forget your pick you're the biggest tool

[Outro: Gnome]
Err excuse me, barkeep, could I please have half a shandy?

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