D Savage

"Die for It*"

Lyrics from snippets

Die for it (Die for it)
Die for it (Die for it)
Die for it (Die for it)
Double Gs, she don't want no Michael Kors (Michael Kors)
Put some money on the floor, five more (Five more)
Eight more (Eight more, uh)

[?] that you [?]
Down in the A smoking propane (Propane)
In the trap house bustin’ down a whole thing (Uh)
You a goofy, in the hood you's a no name (No name, uh)
Guns out, get the Glocks out
Hit a f*ckn*gga's b*tch, blow her back out
I’ve been counting blue strips and them racks now (Okay)
b*tch, I got a Draco with a 50 round

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