YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Don't Make Sense"

I just bought another .30 burner (Burner)
I whip too hard, so I got Ike and Meech got Tina Turner (Whippin hard)
It don't make sense, I’m not alright, b*tch I'll put you under
Ain't cut too much, I got that sh*t that make them tweak, like damn
Can’t be in front the trap too much, the world know who I am (I am)
This sh*t ain't sweet, who close to me, I see them hate, like damn
All I know, get that money, still gon be the one to [?]
Like n*gga Uhh
n*gga, n*gga, b*tch
n*gga, bow, with my jewelry, f*ck that jewelry
I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006
All these diamonds, dancing on my f*cking neck, cost like four bricks (Ohh)
Say that I be toting on that strap, don't make no sense
He a million dollar n*gga but be pus*y than a b*tch (Ahh)
It make no sense

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