YoungBoy Never Broke Again


(BJ on the beat, boy)
(Goddamn, BJ with another one)

These n*ggas ain't seen me when I jumped out, they just seen all these diamonds
I hope I motivate your soul
f*ck who ain't feelin' me, ain't no gettin' rid of me
My money long, life should be balanced once I'm gone
Makin' sure it don't stop
This life of a young hard knock

I bet they wishin' they ain't leave me now
I wish my grandmother could see me now, 'cause I say I'm that n*gga now

[Verse 1]
And I ain't talkin' 'bout no runnin' the block
I remember times that I would cry and you would tell me to stop
You knew the times when I was high just from the look in my eye
I know that you the main reason that I'm shinin' right now
I say the hood still the same
See Nicky old house, start thinkin' 'bout lil' Dave
I look next door and I don't see Miss Annie-May
I can't be standin' out here too long 'fore we start hearin' them K's
I'ma turn the page
He say he know where, I say they in there
We gon' go around the back and we gon' burn this b*tch up
For them to take what we done earned, they gotta burn our wrist up
Patek on Audemar, Rolex on Hublot, b*tch, watch how it glist' up
Yeah, we rollin' four-deep in the streets and we be sticked up
You keep stuntin' in front them hoes and get your stupid ass sticked up
Aw well to all them n*ggas took a shot and f*ckin' missed us
Thankin' God for my shooter, I'm so thankful he don't miss nothin'
Heart race at night, hold me tight
If they catch you cold, then you pay my price
I say my prayers to be safe, money make up for a kite
To DDawg, I hope he fine, 'cause he ain't call last night
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