YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Win Your Love"

(Mommy, India got the beats)

[Verse 1]
I just flew the private out to LA, come and meet me (Come and meet me)
And once you land, you better be glad to see me (Glad to see me)
Why you can't jump on top of me? I don't wan' hear nan' reason (Nan' reason)
This brand-new ring make me feel like I won a whole season
You supposed to make me feel like a king without it on
Brand new Chanel, put it on
Ayy, f*ck that (Ayy, put it on)
You gon' make me go buy a new G-Wagen for your fine ass
f*ck your friends, you better be in 'fore I get home, oh
Mmh, mmh, hittin' it from behind, in your spine, take that, yeah
We went plenty of times in the ride
f*ck these skeezers, she gon' ride like my guys (She in there with who?)
Pullin' up, b*tch, you in here, come outside
Pack your bags, we gon' board the G5
I'm tryna join the mile high club, just you and me
Thank Most High I got a girl to take me from the streets
You the one I want, baby, you the one I need

Steady tryna win over your love
You could get violent, I don't mind bein' in trouble
Your love been leavin' behind cold-blooded bodies
Please don't murder me for tryin', yeah
You can't fit them jeans on, I can't quit that lean, no
Pull up in that four-door, jump out, stand tall, Hakeem, ho
Baby girl, you know just what that ring for, yeah, yeah
Hood n*gga tryna impress, pull up in clean clothes, yeah, yeah
n*gga get shot down if he run up on this Rolls, yeah, yeah
My bae inside of here, it was self-defense, officer
My name so f*cked up 'cause these hoes, what can I offer her?
Tell you I'm done, then double back and catch me callin' her (Brrt)
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