YoungBoy Never Broke Again


(heart heartttt brake hose produncon)

Yo it's me aj came out of mississippi came out of da house came out of reginal park came out of jay and fitch came out of da homie I becoming a runna u dunno fam i be kissin my homies more then da b*tches but i love the homies and b*tches cause dey be my shordies and bad babbies and bad grills bruh rip to my manz free da mans lleb cuz he didn’t make it out of reginal park like me datz why i be a runna and a gunna but actually i chose to be a runna but i can do da gunna yk what i be talkzin bouts my homie slice names rice and runna 😈🦶

Yezzur i be postin on da block i don't walk i become a runna i'm chillin wit gunna XD EZ NOOB I sh*t MY PANTS AND c*m
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