YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Grind Flow (unreleased)"

If you love that n*gga right before you sleep yall should pray and in yo prayers you should ask yo god to open the gate put all yo feelings in the bottom toss it up in the lake get yo position on a ride next time you knock off a face john legend in the coupe with killas all of them vain drop a bag pull of a tag and then you right off the name nobody knows what go's on in my brain this world so cold i heat it up with that flame youngyin 13 on the block shootin herone in his vanes you love that girl that ain't yo girl if she dont feel yo pain that n*gga ain't right for me i had to cut off my manes speak on my name get held in court b*tch ima knock out yo brain where yo love go and where yo timе went rider top shotter that brown еyes flow movin like a president n*gga keep that iron doe let go yo past movin fast you should die slow better let the grind flow n*gga this that grind flow n*gga this that grind flow n*gga this that grind flow this that grind flow to my n*ggas dead and gone i hope u and pray you made it in heaven like f*ck that scripted sh*t we lived so ima preach like a reverend better watch yo lips come off the hip blow sh*t like 911 at the trump hotel smoke the room out f*ck the sh*t that they sellin catchin my n*gga place the number real quick ima bet it sit at the table front room waitress then go home and watch beaty p*ssed off pull my di*k out p*ss on a b*tch like r kelly then go in court and fight the charges mother f*ck it i said it i wanna live like a king and ima die like a soldier im with some cold blooded killers who come straight out that north that diamond ring come out the dirt that n*gga play ima fold'em speak on my momma that's a problem that's exactly what i told em live like a dotta movin silence plenty bodies like folders that money stepped all in my pockets push lil fourty and roll it it been 2 years i tote i Glock but mother f*ck it i tote it clear out the lenses when i clear out the block that fourty Glock ima blow it them speakers bangin down the block 100 rocks i done sold it interference with the cops that n*gga b*tch he done told it flooded out the river ima affiliated with killers still got some soldiers on the street but most is locked in that prison this how im feelin and i love to give em affection attention i got hollows off in the clip equip that sh*t to yo dental now b*tch die
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