Full of Pain lyrics


YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Eagles beat to the street, flowers bought to put on the grave
I'm wishin' when it's time that my grandbaby do the same
Look in your eyes, momma, you full of pain
I'm so sorry that I never changed
Baby momma I'm trippin', oh, so now can you forgive me?
Smoking my lungs when I'm wishing
I need the book that's been written
I'm on a quest, they left em a hunnid, Trell, oh
They ain't go to heaven 'cause I live in hell, oh
Peter Pan dope ten dope, man, no love though it ain't belong here
'Cause he ain't havе a Ace, he had a Jack
Luckily you gon' get trust, you bust, you book, bro triеd the jet
That's a new double R truck, and that's a stolo four-door Jag
I didn't wanna live, wrong town
Different groups wit' different kind of colors on 'em
And they all got guns on 'em
I been waitin' but nobody slowed down
Oh-oh, ah-ah ah-ah
Life like Suprano, chalk filled wit' ammo
Feel I get more lost than more richer
I get you gone, don't start to care no more
Read the encyclopedia
My flaws on wikipedia
Broken souls, ain't nothin' but creatures here
If I blow the strap I'm leaving you
Look here, ball for the media
No, cheer for the s-
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