Coca Vango

"King Coca (Intro)"

I used to be broke n*gga, look at me
I ran through a twenty in Tennessee
Burberry with the [?]
You can't blame the b*tch for feeling me
Designer my kicks, I'm so jugg rich
Livin' my life on some jugg sh*t
[?] got the stick with the full clip
We do not play 'bout the bullsh*t

Big Bs on a coupe, n*gga
Blowin' on gas like a flute, n*gga
Slammin' your ho out the oop, n*gga
Sorry to say she a swoop, n*gga
More money, more problems
More beef, more choppers
I never told you that I was a killer
I never gave me a f*ck 'bout no n*gga
Baddest of b*tches gon' lay on my pillow
Juggin' n*ggas all the way in McDonalds
Buy me a spot up the street from my momma
While you was hatin' on the first tape, I had your ho suckin' di*k in the Honda
This is not trap, this a whole 'nother genre
This sh*t [?] Rollies for all of your partners
I ran up a ten off a muhf*ckin' dollar
[?] a little bit
f*ck up a check just a little bit
Jugg rich
We finna f*ck up the city b*tch
I'm livin' my life
All I wanted was a bankroll
So swole that it won't fold
Now they callin' me a as*h*le
Who the f*ck this n*gga think he is?
They call me Coca, no Cola, ho
Same n*gga with a bad b*tch
Makin' plays on a Motorola
Don't act like I ain't ever warn you
I'm finna f*ck up the game, n*gga
Everybody say a n*gga changed
I'm still the muhf*ckin' same, n*gga

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