Dirty Mouth lyrics


Alice Phoebe Lou

I want nothing
I want it all now
I've got a dirty mouth
I’m not gonna wash it out
I've got baggage
It's got big wheels
I’ve got a little dog
Biting at my heels

I'm not gonna heal you
Not gonna make your dreams come true
Don't touch me
Don't even look at me
I've got lazer beams
Coming out my eyes
Do you still really
Wanna mess with me?
Wanna mess with me?
Wanna mess with me?

I got tough' cause I had enough
I was a girl with a big heart
And they really roughed me up
My body fell asleep
When they took it away from me
But I got it back
Now I do what I like with it
Do what I like with it
Do what I like with it, yeah

Show me your soft spot
Have some pillow talk
Your sweat tastes salty
Your breaks are faulty
Watch the sky don't feel shame
Talking back don't feel shame
Saying no saying no saying no
Dressed up letting go letting go
Dirty mouth don’t feel shame
Stepping out of the frame
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