Mr Eazi

"Need Somebody"

Din da da di din din
It's your boy Eazi
It-t-it-it-it's E kelly

I know you looking for a guy wey go give you loving
'Cause you tired of dem guys wey dey give you stories
Man wey go hold you tight when you feeling lonely (Ye)
And e go do your body right, e go eat that groceries

I know you need somebody
Need somebody (I know)
You need somebody
You need somebody
Baby girl you need somebody
You need somebody
Wey go work that body
You need somebody
You need someone like me, me, me, me

You need someone like me
Girl you need someone like me (Ye-e-yeah)

You need a man wey go do you right
No need the one wey go do you wrong
Love you when the time is right
Give you all day 'til you're feeling nice
You need somebody
To work your body
Baby you need me
And you will be fi-i-i-i-i-ine
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