Sam Tinnesz


[Verse 1]
Won't see us comin'
Out the door before you even blink
Somethin' so cold-blooded
With a deep killer instinct

Don't look us right in the face
It's like starin' at a burnin' sun
Got teeth like razor blades
And you know that we're out for blood
We're out for blood!

(Oh oh-oh-oh-oh)
Better run, better run
(Oh oh-oh-oh-oh)
'Cause here it comes, here it comes
(Oh oh-oh-oh-oh)
Better run, better run
When the wolves come out to play!

[Verse 2]
Full moon is risin'
Oh, the hunger's burnin' like a flame
No use in hidin'
Oh, you're never gonna find escape
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