Duwap Kaine

"Epic Fail"

Hop in that foreign, you know it’s mine
Hop  in that foreign, it’s so divine
Like  Chief Sosa, I’m blowing minds
She giving top, man, she blowing my mind
She said, "How you feel?" I said I feel fine
Keep  that Glock on my side, no, I’m not kind
Hood  bad b*tch, and she my kind
I’m sipping on lean, I ain’t sipping on wine
Trap  look like a school lunch line
I know she f*ck with all of my punchlines
Blunt real sticky, like a damn porcupine
And you know I get higher than an airline
Go  ask your b*tch about me, she said that "I know him"
Feel like Goon 'cause I’m serving my auntie
Free my brother up out the county
I’m smoking dope, no weed brownies
Damn, I play it like I was sick, n*gga, they gave me some sizzurp
You know I be boolin, man, you know that I’m down to Earth
Working so hard, it may look like I popped a Perc
You n*ggas be b*tch, yeah they be f*cking nerds
Pull up to your show, and I’m smoking on nerds
Post your b*tch, you know I'ma flirt with her
I know you got baby lungs, you need Gerber
I’m speaking in tongues, smoking Sherbert
No, that n*gga don't get no pus*y
I call that n*gga Herbert the Pervert
Twenty-five in my bank, yeah, the same age as Lil Uzi Vert
She asked me, put gas in her tank
City boys, what the f*ck did you think?
In the city, boy, riding around in a tank
Louis sh*t, I ain’t buyin' my b*tch PINK (Nah)
I got more water than a fish tank
Your b*tch getting money, and I know you ain’t, boy
Too many Percs and lean, I'ma faint
I’m sipping on purple, n*gga I'm a saint
You know I'm a real ni-
Just fill in the blank, man
If I pop this xan, I'ma turn into Xanman
Young n*gga coolin', you know I'm the xan man
Y’all knew I was the plug, n*gga so what's happenin'?
Where the f*ck is yo scale at? Oh, you ain’t trapping
Send 'em to hell, 'cause he be capping
I know he gone tell, he was the look out for the lick, n*gga
Man, you talking too much sh*t
When the f*ck you gone get up and get rich?
Shoot my- Shoot my shot with your b*tch, I don’t miss
f*ck the b*tch, man, you know we don’t kiss and tell
Smoking on gas, you know that it smell
She give me good brain, she went to Yale
You in that courtroom, you gone tattletale

I can tell, damn
I can tell, damn
Could you tell that I’m shell?
Damn, left that b*tch, she wished me well, yeah
Try to hate, Epic Fail

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