"6:44 AM Freestyle"

Uh slept with someone Mom I'm a motherf*cker
Lean by the sticks of butter them hoes kissed each other
Them hoes tongue kisses each other like they missed each other
Swear to God I asked b*tches if they know each other
They both got they nipple pierced I told them show each other
n*gga asked me where the hoes and if I know another
Must've heard the freaky sh*t them b*tches told each other
I hope that b*tch don't think we can go together
Introduce them hoes y'all go hoe together
b*tches out here trappin' in the snowy weather
Wreck the aviator broke my alternator
Can't suck my while I'm driving told her top me later
I got rain checks don't forget my offer later
Cheated on my girlfriend and got some coffee later
Thought I got away with it but then she caught me later
It'll be awkward later she gave me an ultimatum
I be lying contradicting I be condescending
Yes sir Fendi purses with some condoms in it
Think I need a few tonight I might just take some with me
I just bought a bag of shrooms shorty ate some with me
I don't care if you got babies you can make one with me
Brought a b*tch home told my b*tch to date her with me
Yeah I told her she can f*ck her later with me
Bad b*tches at this party I can't take her with me

You should wake up with me
I got a lot of b*tches you can break up with me
Jeffery eating pus*y I be facing b*tches had a very long day of chasing b*tches
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