Lil Tracy


[Intro: Ckris Mute]
Here's [?]
Gas [?] killer right there
Gas club

[Verse 1: Ckris Mute]
I'm doing the most [?] like I been on the [?]
They don't want a bodybag, yo, but I [?] my [?]
Dominators rap leauge
See, I'm [?] 'bout 10 [?]
My future about to pinnacle
I stay up contemplating
But I see satan lurkin', searching for my weakness
As if i will fall victim to your [?] and [?]
Our [?] tag strap want the real homie, peep this
All my flow's go
Never want to be on cheap sh*t
[?] sh*t, delete [?]
I'm a [?]
Hear 'em scream as I put the game aside a quarter [?]
I'm tryina' eat, and i finna hit a lick on your plate
Watching [?], still reserving like a fish I'll take your bait
I don't even have to flex, I [?] my [?]
I'm a architect at best
If you targetin' my [?] then I'm aiming at your chest
Curious for who is next
As i smoke the [?] stresses got me in a [?] n*gga

[Bridge: Lil Tracy as Based Dolphin]
It's Dolphin
Shoutsout to my clique
Star Trek

[Verse 2: Lil Tracy as Based Dolphin]
You simple ass rappers is complex when i spit
I swear i murder a rapper a [?] when i spit
I spell a [?], better in with the pin
List your favourite rappers, bet I'm better than them
Since I was 15 my mind in seniour
My system never clean and now I smoke weed
You a soldier, I'm a chief so follow my orders
I decree, get your bars up or you won't move forward [?] to that legendary lane, where I lay with a gold crown
Spit circles 'round you n*ggas
Real smooth, call it flow-[?]
Rappers full of n*ggas [?] was looking like a ghosttown
I feel like I am legend
None 'you rappers in my precession
[?] none
Number 1 in this rap grace
You b*tch ass rappers [?] the [?] up and [?], but I'm the napkin
Finna make it clean like a new place
I'm living fast, going downhill, I need new brakes

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