Lil Tracy

"Thought Process"

This is some real sh*t, from a real n*gga
This is straight from my, from my brain
From my, from my head
From my soul
From what I see man, from what I feel
I'ma just speak on it, right now

People die everyday, but who really is living?
Yes, I rob and steal but who is really the villain?
Yes, I drink liquor, but that’s made by the system, and how does men run the earth if we come from the women?
Questions that i have, have yet to be answered
Instead I'm [?] by the man who demands to have a plan to disrupt the corruption, but we must come together, instead of killin' off each other
We killin’ off each other, 'cause the money's in charge
And my people can't see the truth 'cause the dollars is large
We too focused on the clothes and the diamonds and cars
All we need is the grass and the sky and the ponds
And I really am not a saint, 'cause i be jackin' the cars
I roll the joint 'cause I’m mad, I smoke that in the park
The weed enlightens my brain, you n*ggas smoke in the dark
And I’m thinking outside the car and your mind's stuck in a jar
I’ve tried to loosen the cap, but you bust the cap in my arm
That's crazy
n*ggas will hate the truth
They want the juice
I don't follow the rules
But i got love 'cause i can feel it in my stomach when me and mom hug
I don’t give a f*ck 'bout the bux, man
They put me up in cuffs, man
Said I'm going in
For property destruction
What the f*ck, you crackers came and asked for cut [?], changed the whole f*ckin' future
That sh*t is f*ckin' stupid

Man, man they wanna come in
They wanna, not that they wanna, they, they took n*ggas
n*ggas from they home
Brought 'em to some fffs sketchy ass mothaf*ckin' devil land with, sh*t
And then they wanna, they wanna label us the evil
They wanna label us the heathens and sh*t, and like, who's really the villain?
'Cause it's not us, n*gga you put me in this motherf*ckin' situation man
You provoked this, n*gga you

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