Lil Tracy


Shoutsout to D
Basedboys, n*gga

I'm tired of the petty sh*t, I’m moving when I'm ready
f*ck living by your system, f*ck living slow and steady
A young skinny n*gga, [?] like the chevy
You come and guess my mind, I [?] you like a [?]
Blessed when it comes to the verbs and the pronouns
Best when it comes to rolling earth, break the earth down
I'm ’bout writing [?] 'bout you copycat musters
You reinacting us, less
You seeing [?] youngsters
I'm uncle to you nephews, teacher like [?]
So class pay attention, I'm gon' turn you from rap [?] to n*ggas
Girls make our different
Get an F, they won't pass you
Swag and a hat
Cool shoes, drifting tattoos
Swag, be yourself, not him, him and that dude
I'm that dude
Rep more style than this whole rap crew
You f*cking with me
You n*ggas f*ck real flat boobs
I'm hallucinating, but I still see these rap rats

What happened to the rap gang, yeah?
Get real
You’re not different (not different, not different)
f*cking clones

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