Lil Tracy


[Producer Tag]
LoyalTee on the track boy!

[Chorus: Chai Tea]
I want a crystal
She a crystal
I found a crystal
Feel like a hundred crystals
When i'm with you baby we two crystals
f*ck what that other b*tch do finesse her out her crystals
I want a crystal
She a crystal
I found a crystal
Feel like a hundred crystals
When i'm with you baby we two crystals
f*ck what that other b*tch do finesse her out her crystals

[Verse 1: Lil Tracy]
Shawty I miss you, I really wanna kiss you
If you ever cry wipe your tears with gucci tissue
When i'm with you we are two crystals
Glisten in the moonlight, you look so cute tonight
Hello kitty, so kawaii
Never had one like me, I know you really like me
I'm Lil Tracy, these n*ggas really hate me
I don't give a f*ck as long as we in love
You my crystal, I'm yo gemstone
When i'm on stage I be thinkin' bout gettin' home
To my princess, I love how you glisten
Shawty you the one I don't care 'bout these b*tches
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