"Adonis and Bathsheba"

[Verse 1]
To an orgy in a garden of flowers Adonis and Bathsheba flew
All of creation awaits them, a flowing dance by the crystal blue
Stream of desire and erotic rebellion
That parades thru their hearts and minds
They look at one-another as much as they don't
To touch is their need, to love they are blind
To love they are blind

[Verse 2]
An abandoned gazebo houses what looks to b a perfect place
They undress as they're running, Bathsheba crying
Adonis sweat upon his face
For them there is no morning, only night decisions so grand
There is no bed, how will they ever love?
They decide to stand
No bed, they decide to stand

Adonis and Bathsheba in a garden of flowers, in a garden of love
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