K Trap

"Daily Duppy"

[Verse 1]
I came in the game broke, I swear I mended well
Only take temporary L’s
They get turned to wins quick, cah I can’t stand the loss
Just off'd me two bricks, that’s 10 grand in prof
Half a brick in cling, just gimme the press, I’ll make a twin
And if you don’t know trap, just give me a sec and take me in
And if you don’t know, you're stupid, them man don’t know what the truth is
Me, I couldn’t care less, I just get that bag and keep it moving
Cruising, fast lane and I’m moving out
If they say I hide, they lie, they don’t come they change their route
I’m in and out of south, uptown when I get my drip
These yeezy boosts like getting flake in drought they ain’t about
Exclusive where you wouldn’t dare
When us man sat round the table talking squares, you wasn’t there
My b*tch a plain Jane but she looks a 10, flipping leng
I drip so I drip her too, I put her in sh*t she wouldn’t wear
Cah I’m that type of G, they ain’t getting these type of sheets
When I’m playing, I kick it and chill in the forgein recliner seats
Harrods a quid in each, Louis Vuitton reciepts
Chanel, Givenchy Paris, I got a drippy habbit
Came in the game, cooker full, yola bubbling over
Made this yola bubble with soda
I can call myself a boss, cah I fed them yutes when man just watch
And I see why them man watch, watch and chains it’s a lot
Watch and chain coulda bought me a box and had a chain
Different cloth, I made my lane, I was stuck they stayed the same
Talking change my pen don’t sweat, I spent a cheque
Don’t need no flash that’s a fact, honeycomb there ain’t no gap
Other side there ain’t no waps, talking trap there ain’t no cat
Talking packs I f*cking fly 'em, talking crud there’s someone drying
So young but so connected
And I should get a sponsor, all these Pyrex bowls I mention

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