Derez De’Shon


Babe Tryna Spoil You yeah uh
Ridin In a coupe yeah you slidin with a goon aye
Gotta keep it on cause these n*ggas they move fu yeah
Mad cause we win , while we sippin on that dusse
Babe what you tryna do yeah uh
Tryna eat that body up f*ck it up like soufflé
Baby you the baddest and you killin your whole crew yeah
Cop you a new patek cause baby girl you deserve it yeah

Nana Kofi Verse :

Shawdy From the north had to get her to the south bay
Skin soft but i had to show her how the sun taste
Brand new rari yeah we slidin on the high way
In Miami blockin out the hate in Gucci glasses
Yeah fly sh*t uh I been checkin out her assets
Gucci bag my wallet ama take lil baby shoppin
Hand on auto pilot yeah her booty gotta grab it
Hittin from the back scream my name bae when we f*ckin
Ocean water when a n*gga dive in
Legs up yeah I got them toes lockin
Ain't nobody better than a young African
Rich street
And I always got my guys wit me
Yeah I always go my guys wit me


Derez DeShon Verse :

Between me and you ain't none one of us perfect
But everything we been through it was worth it
Me and you hit the mall we be splurgin
Victoria secret draws bras and all the purses
I try to give you all of me yeah
Remember when I wasn’t eatin you stave with me yeah
You used to sleep on the floor at the spot with me yeah
Good girl wit a goon kept a Glock on me yeah
And you used to keep it in the purse for me
I knew if a n*gga play that you would murk for me
Has some good days but you seen the worst of me
Goin through the pain is you that took the hurt from me
Stand up in that pus*y like a giant
Never let you down one time
I eat and beat like we fine
Do whatever needed so you know is mine
Yeah Derez DeShon


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