Brennan Savage

"More (feat. Brennan savage & Maybe Tomorrow)"

(Brennan Savage)
Who are you gonna come to (gonna come to)
Who are you gonna run to (gonna run to)
When I leave you all alone
When I leave you on your own (on your own)

(Brennan Savage)
When I lie awake, at night
Can't sleep in 'til the morning light
Maybe I'll be better on my own (on my own)

(Brennan Savage)
How am I?
I'm doing fine
I was better in a past life
Punish me and poison my mind
Let me be your lifeline
Walk with me and take my hand
Showing things that I ain't seen
Take me to a different land
With nothing that can hurt me

(Brennan Savage)
Change my mind but I'm so dumb
When I'm drunk and I have your love
Why do you wanna stay with me
(So much more for you to see)
My dear
(There's so much more for you to see, my dear)
(There's so much more for you to see, my dear)
(My dear)
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