Brennan Savage


California summers while I'm young

California summers while I'm young
Is all I want
I spent hours in my mind, not trying to waste the time
I'm tryna do this right
You hypnotized me with one smile
And what I'd give for one last glance
We ain't talked at all for a while
But if we did, we'd fall in love again

I'm a lost soul
A walking heartbreak
I can make you move
I can make the ground shake
Like an earthquake
Make the earthquake when I walk through
When I first saw you
I swear I fell in love
This is not a cry for help
This is just a testament

This is all my passion in my life
At least what's left of it
I count all my blessings
What's a blessing when you're cursed?
None of y'all have met me
Just know I've been through the worst

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